Artificial Intelligence Will Continue to Grow in Marketing Importance

Joey Armstrong

An exciting aspect of digital marketing is that it is never mastered. There’s always a new trend or a new technological advancement that changes the game forever. This can be looked at with excitement or sheer terror, but Armstrong chooses to embrace the unknown nature of digital marketing. One of the easiest ways to quell fears over the unknown is to look at what the constants are. One of the few constants in digital marketing is that improving the user experience will always put a brand in the best possible position for success. Improving the user experience starts with the product or service being provided and then must extend into every way a potential customer interacts with the brand. For instance, a website must make it as easy as possible to make a purchase.

Knowing the importance of enhancing the user experience, Joey Armstrong believes more and more companies are going to investigate artificial intelligence to bring the best possible online product to their customers. One of the most common uses for artificial intelligence today is through automated responses when a person first visits a website. These chatbots can serve as a quick way to help people get to the precise webpage that will best suit their needs. This helps eliminate wasted time on a site and speeds up the potential for a purchase. The tricky part of chat bots is that they can also be perceived as annoying. It’s important that the chatbot is sophisticated enough to answer questions in a relevant matter and interpret what action the user is trying to take.

Artificial intelligence is allowing marketers to collect data faster than ever. This data can then be interpreted in a way that best predicts what the user is looking for. This cannot only help in a chat bot functionality but also in all other aspects of digital marketing. The decisions marketers make should be based off data. As artificial intelligence collects data, it can help their human counterparts figure out what their customers are most interested in and create different resources that these prospects can use. Whether it be blogs, what keywords a website is optimized for or full-blown white paper resources, artificial intelligence can unlock many digital marketing doors. It will continue to grow in importance and marketers who embrace the help of AI will put themselves in a position to enjoy sustained success.



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