Best Marketing Practices to Maximize Campaign Reach

Joey Armstrong
3 min readAug 19, 2022


Joey Armstrong

Figuring out how to maximize marketing potential can be a tricky process to navigate. It may be difficult to understand best marketing practices and which practices will work for specific business models.

Maximize marketing effectiveness by updating websites and web pages, advertising online, giving online directories and local listings a try, promoting a cohesive and visually appealing brand image and logo, and branching out of social media when trying to promote a business.

To learn more about these helpful tips, Joey Armstrong explains how these marketing techniques maximize effectives and promotes a positive, cohesive business image.

Update Websites and Web Pages

Maximize marketing potential by updating any websites or webpages to be user friendly as well as visually appealing. Make sure that a positive image of the company is being displayed by catering to the customer’s needs. Keep any business pages updated well so that business hours, frequently asked questions and other concerns are addressed.

Make sure that websites are mobile friendly as many people access the internet through their phone. Cater to the needs of the modern American by making everything easily navigable and quick to figure out.

Try Online Advertising

If online advertising is not currently being utilized to its full potential, be sure to focus some extra energy into this area as well. Online advertising can be extremely effective when executed the right way, according to one source. Make sure your website appears in web searches by focusing some extra attention into your online advertising endeavors. It will surely pay off in the long run.

Give Online Listings and Local Directories a Try

Make sure that your business is listed under any online directories in order for people who are looking for a similar place to be able to find it with ease. Be sure your business is listed under any local directories as well in order for potential customers to find it easily.

Joey Armstrong

Promote a Positive and Cohesive Image

Make sure that your company’s brand and image is being promoted well on any websites or web pages related to the company. Focus on promoting positive reviews and giving potential customers a positive view of the company. Responding to a handful of reviews also promotes good customer service and a positive relationship between business and customer.

Be sure that there is a cohesiveness to the brands image and logo and make sure that the website works to promote a positive image of the company in every way possible.

Try Branching Out of Social Media

Social media marketing has become a huge part of modern-day marketing for many companies. Never before have people been able to connect in these ways, and it has made marketing to the public eye easier than ever before. Social Media is a key focus of many companies and rightfully so as it is an extremely helpful tool in gaining traction and popularity to a potential client’s website.

Although social media marketing is extremely important it may be a good idea to branch out and diversify your marketing strategies so that all your eggs are not in one basket. In some cases, rapid declines of popularity can happen unexpectedly and seemingly without cause. Therefore, social media can be unreliable in this way.



Joey Armstrong

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