Impress Your Would-Be Employer with Smart Questions

Joey Armstrong
2 min readSep 24, 2021


As a marketing expert, Joey Armstrong has been hiring marketing professionals for many years. There’s no bigger pet peeve for Armstrong than finishing up an interview and asking the interviewee if they have any questions only to hear that they do not. This shows a lack of planning and a lack of true interest in the business. It’s not just enough to have a question either, those looking to make the best impression will take the time to ask relevant questions. Today, Joey Armstrong will discuss some of the best questions he’s been asked during interviews.

How will my performance be judged here?

Marketing is not an exact science. A lot of time marketers are not judged based solely on sales because there’s a lot that is out of the control of the marketing rep. A marketer committed to truly thriving in their role will want to know exactly how their performance will be measured. This will help them adjust to their new job and know exactly where they need to focus their energy.

What can you tell me about the team I would be working with?

A lot of marketing positions require people to work in a team environment. The people you work with on a daily basis will go a long way in determining your happiness in the position. Getting to know the team before accepting a position is always a wise move.

What are your favorite and least favorite aspect of working for the company?

When in doubt, people like talking about themselves. By asking the interviewer about their experience with the company, it not only helps a marketer increase their likelihood of landing the position, but it also helps them get a better sense for the company culture. It’s fine to be picky when looking for a full-time job. If the interviewer has really negative things to say about the company, it’s a major red flag.

Before I go, is there any information I could provide that would help me land this position?

Every interviewer is interviewing because they want things to work out. They want to fill a role and they want to get back to their daily duties. They can’t settle, however. There’s nothing that leads an interviewer to believe that they are settling more than an interviewee that seems wishy washy in their desire to land the job. The question above helps establish an eagerness.



Joey Armstrong

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