Improve Your Client Communication

Marketing can take time to take hold and that can make holding onto clients an obstacle. Experts believe that one of the most important aspects of client retention rate is how effective communication levels are between the marketer and the client. A lack of client communication skills can lead to unhappy clients who are never able to receive the full impact of a marketer’s work. If you feel like your communication levels with clients could be improved, consider these communication tips from Joey Armstrong.

1. Establish a Human Condition — Yes, the business of the marketing at hand should always be first, but it’s important for clients to understand that you aren’t a robot. Clients often don’t understand the marketing being done on their behalf and will have a tough time forming a relationship with a marketer based solely on marketing talk. Instead, look to find common ground that can break the ice. Whether it’s a shared appreciation for the local sports team or they joys of parenthood, establishing a human connection will help build a more positive working atmosphere for all parties involved.

2. Communicate How Your Client Wants to Communicate — A lot of clients want to communicate in a very specific way. It could be via email, via text or via Zoom. Establishing a comfort level with a client can go a long way towards a long lasting relationship. Successful marketers are willing to adjust to the communication style their client prefers.

3. Remember to Represent Your Brand — Every marketer who works for an agency or works for themselves is trying to grow their own brand as well. This means that they should have an authentic voice that is consistent with clients. If an agency is built on loyalty and transparency, be sure to utilize language that reflects these values. If this is how you were represented during the sales pitch, it should be how you carry yourself throughout the marketing relationship.

4. Establish Touch Points — A lot of clients enjoy knowing that they have a set time during the week or month where they will meet with you to go over the status of the campaign and analyze data. This will not only help increase their comfort level with you, but it will help keep you honest as a marketer. Knowing that the weekly or monthly call is looming is a great motivator to hit deadlines and deliver great results.



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