The Marketing Benefits of Reddit

As a marketing expert, Joey Armstrong believes marketers have to take advantage of any available resource. When it comes to social media communities, most of the attention goes towards Facebook and Instagram. These profiles can be and usually are great resources for marketers looking to spread awareness for their business. However, they are not the only social profiles of consequence. Reddit is a profile that brings people together to discuss their favorite topics. Almost every industry imaginable has what is called a subreddit where people gather to discuss a given industry or topic. What makes Reddit so intriguing from the perspective of Joey Armstrong is it allows marketers to find people who are clearly interested in their particular product or service.

The key to taking advantage of the targeted audiences provided by Reddit is to reach out in the proper way. Like most marketing content, it’s important that something of value is being provided by the marketer. No Redditt profile should be created solely for marketing advantages. It needs to be updated regularly and offer quality content on a consistent basis. Simply hitting a community over the head with a sales pitch will cause more harm than good. Reddit is a profile where videos or pictures are welcome. Matching the tone and vibe of the Reddit user is essential. If the page is humorous, marketers shouldn’t be afraid to utilize funny GIFs. Before ever posting in a subreddit, it’s wise for the marketer to just read posts and get a sense of how the community operates. This will allow for the opportunity to capitalize with a meaningful comment at the correct time.

Keep in mind that while a marketing profile for a business may not be anonymous, Redditt users do have anonymity. This creates a level of freedom when it comes to their comments. Subreddits can be blunt and brutal to marketers who are obviously trying to take advantage of free advertising. The goal should never be to sell a product or service directly on the channel. It should be to create comments or content in posts that will generate a conversation or cause people to upvote it, which is like a like on Facebook. When there’s value in the content, it will garner more attention and help further brand awareness. People can upvote a comment just as easily as they can downvote it. This is why it’s imperative to only post when there’s a clear value add to the reader.

People usually join Reddit because they are either passionate about a given industry or they simply want to learn more. Every piece of content generated by a marketer for Reddit should have the audience in mind. If the content is educational, it meets the needs of one audience. If the content is humorous, it meets another need. Always craft content with a purpose and a clear audience in mind.



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