Joey Armstrong Discusses the Top 2021 Marketing Trends

Staying on top of marketing industry trends can be the difference between a successful or failed campaign. The marketing landscape, specifically digital marketing, is constantly evolving and changing with respect to the global market and technological advancements. As a marketing advisor with more than five years of experience, Joey Armstrong knows the importance of staying current on marketing trends. As such, Joey Armstrong hopes to stress this importance by sharing with his colleagues the latest 2021 marketing trends and how these strategies may help improve marketing strategies.

End of Cookies

In 2020, the marketing and advertising industry was warned of plans to end the use of cookies in upcoming years. Last year, Google Chrome announced its intention to slowly sunset cookies starting in 2021, with Apple soon following. While tech companies are scrambling to create cookie replacements, it’s important that marketers stay informed on the changing situation to optimize their paid ad budget.

Social Selling on LinkedIn

This past year, marketers turned to the networking social media site LinkedIn for social selling. The number of LinkedIn users has grown since the start of the pandemic, and today; marketers are taking advantage of the quality of leads they are able to generate using paid ads on the site. Although the CPCs are high in comparison to other popular social media websites, many team’s decision-makers remain active on LinkedIn and check the site daily.

Growing Digital Marketing Spend

New surveys have found that the majority of marketing companies plan to increase their digital marketing budget in 2021 by an average of 25%. In recent years, marketing and advertising companies have discovered a digital innovation gap between customer demand and the digital capabilities of brands. As a result, digital leaders are now looking to be the first to bridge this gap with digital spending. Be sure to appropriately scale your digital marketing spend in 2021 or risk being outpaced by direct competitors.

Focus on Voice Searches

In the last few years, AI virtual assistant programs such as Siri, Cortana, Google Home, and Alexa have significantly impacted consumer searching habits. Screen-less searching is now one of the most popular forms of searching in the US, with millions of Americans using virtual assistants to search for questions and products each day. As a result, marketers must now optimize their content for voice searches in order to keep up with the changing search landscape.

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Joey Armstrong

Joey Armstrong

A entrepreneur and marketing expert, Joey Armstrong has dedicated his life to helping companies establish their brand.